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Basic Computer Maintenance Guide


It’s a common problem that everybody can relate to. They get a new computer, and wow it is fast! They are really proud of their new computer! Then a month or two down the road, it slows down to turtle speed! They begin to think they were scammed into a product that was doomed to fail already! They start telling everybody, don’t buy from so and so, and they start looking for another computer maintenance, and the same things happen all over again, just a constant vicious cycle!

What people don’t realize is that in order for a computer to remain efficient, you must maintain it! Like any other machine in this world, if your computer maintenance is not maintained properly, your computer will fail! Treat your computer right, and it will treat you right. Fail to do so, and the consequences may be severe.

So how do you maintain your computer? First of all, you need a good internet defense against viruses and spyware. There are many anti-virus software out there, and many choose a free software called AVG. Personally, I prefer Norton 360. I have never had any problems with Norton when it comes to functionality and effectiveness. I remember when I used to have AVG on my computer. One day, I decided to switch to Norton. I installed it, scanned my computer, and found an alarming amount of viruses, trojans, and a bunch of other pesky bugs! I haven’t turned back since!!

Next, you need to have software specifically designed to maintain your computer! There are many types out there which maintain many different parts of your computer. The most important part of the computer you need to cover is your registry. The registry is the central nervous system of your entire computer. The registry alone is responsible for running all your software, and if the registry fails, so does your computer. You need a good registry cleaner, and I would suggest a really good one like Registry Fix. Many people like to use free registry cleaners, but I would recommend through my personal experience that you treat those free registry cleaners like a virus, as it has in the past crashed my computer!

Another option to go with is a software that not only covers your registry but a whole other host of common problems that can occur. There is a company called Cheese Soft who offer a software suite that includes a registry cleaner, anti-spyware software, and a whole host of other programs designed to keep your computer in peak performance. It is a little more expensive, but in my personal opinion, it is well worth it.

Be sure to keep in touch often as I will provide you with more computer maintenance tips as often as I can. I will also be providing reviews on new technology coming out, and information on gaming systems, and just technology altogether. Remember, if you can learn how to manage and maintain your computer properly, you will save money in the long run. Trust me, every penny is worth it these days.

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