Top 7 Back Hand Mehndi Design You Should Choose For Your Special Day!

Every bride wants the colour of the mehndi, darker. But, do you think that dark colour mehndi will look pretty with an awful back hand mehndi design?

The wedding season is here!! For a bride, it is the most memorable event of her life with great excitement. So naturally, you start to think about the outfit or jewellery you will carry at the wedding. But, if you want to look stunning, you should be aware of the latest trends at the wedding.

Ahaan … !! But don’t forget about the essential part of the wedding that is back hand mehndi design as everyone takes this lightly. This is the thing that makes a bride more beautiful, along with her outfit and ornaments.

Here, we bring to you these newest drifts that are given by mehndi for helping you in choosing the best bridal mehndi. But, yes, don’t worry, we will not advise you about having ‘save the date’ ideas or boring couple portraits.

Designs in mehndi have been changed very much in decades from traditional to stylish floral designs, but the one thing that is common in all times, that is, every bride wants the colour of the mehndi, darker. But, do you think that dark colour mehndi will look pretty with an awful back hand mehndi design?

The answer is no. So, choose the best and trendy designs for your wedding mehndi. You can also select a combination of traditional and modernization for the back hand mehndi design. We have listed some latest bridal mehndi designs-

1. Back Hand Mehndi Design Full Of Roses

Mehndi Designs Full Of Roses

Being a girl, I am sure you love roses!! So, as per your choice, you can add roses in your mehndi designs apart from adding them in bridal attire, hairdo, and decoration.

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Many easy back hand mehndi design are picked up by the bride and highly recommended by them to others. Floral mehndi designs are in trend for the wedding these days. So, you should also go for it!!!

2. Checkered Shapes For Hypnotic Feel

Checkered Shapes For Hypnotic Feel

These patterns are known as the basics of the mehndi designs as they are traditional. However, these days, varied shapes have become the highlights in the wedding mehndi.

This shape has a significant influence as it enhances the beauty of the mehndi by providing attractive patterns in check. Who can do experiments with these designs like you can add any flower or other design in the middle of these!!

3. Get The Vibes Of Sacred “Mantras”


Sacred mantras are known as positive and believable for good fortune. So what else can be better than having holy mantras as the mehndi design on your hands? It will give you an encouraging vibe during the whole time on your special day.

Mehndi designs full of mantras are also in trend so that you won’t feel weird. So just believe in yourself and get ready to try this latest design.

4. Draw The Wedding Things

Draw The Wedding Things

Things related to the wedding like- sindoor moment, doli, Agni, elephant, band, etc., are just not things; they are related to us emotionally. But, they have a traditional touch and have some value for us!!

You can try these elements in your back hand mehndi design. So many brides are adopting this idea. That’s why it is trending too.

5. Follow The drift of “Less Is More”

Follow The drift of Less Is More

Weddings are extra grand with all the arrangements, but nowadays, this drift of “less is more” ruling weddings. Minimalist is the new trend at weddings right now!! These days, brides pick minimal and simple designs for looking elegant instead of etched your hands full with mehndi.

6. Ethnic Travesties For Classy Look

Ethnic Travesties For Classy Look

Pictures with the bird or stone pots always attract people as they look beautiful and edgy. Maybe this is the reason why brides are using these different elements in their wedding mehndi too.

It gives a lovely yet traditional look to the bridal’s mehndi. It has not lost its charm as these designs are using in mehndi for a very long time!!!

7. Easy back hand mehndi design For Sheer Food Lover

Mehndi Designs For Sheer Food Lover

These bridal mehndi designs only belong to food lovers!! In the present time, no bride is shy to reveal her love for food. So, they can show this love through the mehndi designs. You can also say that they love food more than their husband… after all, food above all!!

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