Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up – Here’s How to Fix?

Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up: Discover the solutions to tackle unresponsive behavior. Troubleshoot and resolve issues with your Alexa device, even if the lights are still active. Find quick fixes and expert tips to get your Alexa back in action.

Alexa is the virtual assistant that connects with the amazon echo speaker. It will be at your command. You need to just speak up in its range and it can play a song for you and also set an alarm for you. Your whole day’s schedule can handle by this device. Sometimes technology is not working well then don’t worry. There can be various reasons why Alexa is not working well start not functioning like internet usage, voice recognition issues, and Wi-Fi problems. All problems can be solved through various methods. If Alexa not responding but lighting upthere can be various ways to solve the is a smart home appliance. If lighting is on but Alexa is not responding work on your command.

There are various reasons why Alexa is not working. Few possible reasons why it’s not responding

  • If Alexa is not responding to your voice command
  • You command send to another device
  • Alexa device outdated
  • Microphone off

How to fix Alexa’s problem? Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up

Alexa Not Responding

1. Restart your device which connects to Alexa

If your Alexa is lightened up but not responding then you need to check your connected device. You need to reboot the device and avoid those glitches.

If you are using a device that is connected to the socket. First, unplug the device from a socket. Leave it as it is for 30 seconds or one minute. Plug that device again into the socket and turned on the device.

If your device is a battery enable device then remove the battery from the device and then the device switches off. Leave it for 30 seconds or 1 minute. After one minute turn on the device and check Alexa to give your voice command hope it starts working.

2. Check the Wi-Fi connection

If you want that your Alexa works properly then need high-speed internet. Through the internet, it performs various functions like entertainment, voice command, and many more things. If Alexa is not responding to your voice then it can be internet problems. You should check the Wi-Fi connection of your device and your computer. If you are not able to fix the internet then call your internet service provider. There are many ways to solve the internet. As your internet connection is solved then you can connect your Alexa with devices. Say Alexa’s wake-up words and it may be the response.

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3. Reset the Alexa device

If normal reset is not working then need to hard reset. Following steps should follow

  • 1st step- you can see the reset button.
  • 2nd step inside the hole of the device there is buttons to restart you just press that button.
  • 3rd step blue light changes into orange light
  • 4th step now turns on your device Alexa resumed.

Use your Alexa app it is easily connected to your smartphone. To check your device give voice commands to Alexa.

4. Alexa privacy should be enabled and disabled

First, enable the Alexa device and follow following steps given below

  • 1st step is to go to the nucleus screen of the device
  • 2nd step click the Alexa button
  • 3rd step click the option “Alexa now”. After that, your device will respond.

5. Location changes

Another method to change the position of your Alexa put it near the router of Wi-Fi because the working of Alexa affects a router of Wi-Fi. If you put it near the device then Alexa’s response timing increased. Router has a range where it connects with the device range will increase as it is near to Alexa. Echo should be near to Alexa device.

6. Power supply

Amazon recommends you always use the original adaptor which is come with Alexa. If there is a problem with the power supply that can be solved. Your extension cord should be changed if you think it’s very old. Alexa powers point also checked the adapter can remove from the socket after 5 minutes again plug it. Press hard on the adaptor that goes into the socket all the way.15 W or 21 W power adaptors come along with Alexa.

7. Alexa factory reset

Now you need to reset the Alexa factory. All data entered in Alexa will delete after resetting it then you switch on device gain and fill data again.

Steps involved in the reset

  • Alexa app opens from your device
  • Tap into the device option
  • Tap on the Alexa device that you want to reset
  • Scroll down and the factory reset option will show click on that option.
  • It will take time to wait until it restarts again.
  • Time to check Alexa device and see the response of Alexa this time.

8. Motherboard problem

In this problem, Alexa is not responding but its light is on. There should be hardware-related problems. The hardware of Alexa was affected due to an uneven power supply in the device and needs software update. Reason can vary according to the device.

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If a fault is created in the motherboard then you need to replace your device. If the product is under warranty then the product will replace free of cost.

9. Wake word change

To change the Alexa wake word you need to follow the steps

  1. 1st step go to the web browser on your connected device and log your id from the Amazon Alexa site.
  2. 2nd step click on the setting option then select the device option
  3. In 3rd step select the Alexa device option from the general setting
  4. 4th step click on the wake option and add a new word from a menu of dropdown
  5. 5th step click to save button.

10. Wi-Fi password changes

Start your device and change your Wi-Fi password. Because password changes are necessary. The password should be strong. This password helps to check how many connections are operating through Wi-Fi.

11. Voice training

Problems can be arising due to the accent of your language try to select your chosen language then it will accept that language. Go to the setting option and select the voice option. Alexa is smarter in response you need to train your language words so that Alexa easily understands and gives responses according to your query.

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