Advance Your Career Through Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the branch of science that essentially deals with the study of medicine, biology, and pharmaceutical science. It is primarily concerned with the research of drugs and their actions on the living system. The scientific study of drugs overlaps with the biochemical studies to examine the effects of drugs on living organisms and understand the nature and properties of the drugs. These scientific examinations establish a strong foundation for multiple medical treatments.

An M.Sc in pharmacology is an academic program for students aspiring to enter medical sciences to conduct valuable research that can benefit the living society. It is a two-year postgraduation program that provides multidisciplinary training to equip the students with industry-oriented knowledge and skills that can be applied to medical fields like biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The M.Sc in pharmacology is a master’s program that can allow students to explore a number of preclinical and clinical pharmacological aspects. This course can assist you in advancing your professional career by providing a robust knowledge of pharmacology. With an M.Sc in pharmacology, you can transform your career by gaining a broader competency to conduct experiments to obtain efficient results.

A well-designed course integrates the knowledge of various scientific disciplines including, molecular biology, physiology, biochemistry, and chemistry, to ensure the positive impact of these factors on human health. The domain of pharmacology is different from the profession of pharmacy. Pharmacologists’ primary concern is the biological and chemical reactions of drugs with the living system.

COVID-19 scenario has spotlighted the ability of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as the most crucial sector in providing better solutions to address the global pandemic. If you aspire to advance in your professional career, then a pharmacology program can increase the chances of top growing limitlessly. The M.Sc program allows students to specialise in areas like applied clinical pharmacology and molecular and biochemical toxicology.

The recent developments in conventional drugs and scopes of studying and developing vaccines, cell and protein-based therapy, gene-therapeutics, and gene-engineering are emerging fields in medical treatment. These newer fields require qualified and skilled man force to conduct research and development of the same. An M.Sc in Pharmacology graduate can get extraordinary opportunities to advance in their professional careers with high-end salaries. Here are some of the job positions offered to a graduate in pharmacology:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Medical Liaison
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Lab Scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Academic researcher
  • Healthcare/ Research Scientist

The career prospects of working in these roles increase manifolds by pursuing a master’s program in pharmacology. Pursuing an M.Sc in pharmacology from India’s top institute makes it easier to advance your career by learning from the best faculty while getting exposed to extensive industry experience.

It is the best time to study a pharmacology course because the medical industry is conducting significant research with much regard to the novel coronavirus. You can become a part of the change by having relevant qualifications. Maximise your potential to treat and prevent diseases in people and animals. Sign in now to start your journey in the most in-demand field!

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