7 Tips To Get Your Product Noticed And Building A Better Presence On Social Media

Social media was created to be a medium to connect people. However, it’s way more than that today and has become the go-to strategy for all businesses. Whether you own an offline or an online business, you can’t ignore its social media presence.

These social media platforms are a great option to reach current and potential customers. Almost all types of businesses have an online presence with their social media account or business pages.

Social media is the most appropriate way to improve your brand awareness, increase conversions, and drive organic traffic. Used correctly, your brand can stand out and become popular on social media. Many businesses are using various methods to establish their business, such as brand promotions, brand stories, social media video clips, and many more.

Social media video clips get more traffic as compared to text or images. Therefore, brands typically prefer to go with social videos. Nowadays, creating a professional video clip is not that tough, as you will find many social media video makers all over the internet. A video content strategy is imperative if you want to grow your business on social media.

Let’s look at seven ways to get your product noticed and build a better presence on social media.

#1. Set SMART Goals

Why does your business need a social media presence?

The answer is straightforward—to get noticed by everyone through social platforms, not because everyone is using it.

The concept of SMART goals is not new for social media. However, it has become essential nowadays.

It means that brands should set their specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

An example of SMART goal setting is “Achieving 30% higher than the current response rate on Instagram by the end of the first quarter”.

  • Specific: You can target a particular social platform (Instagram) and a metric (conversion rate).
  • Measurable: The conversion rate can be measured (cost per thousand impressions).
  • Achievable: Set business goals that can be achieved quickly, like Instagram Ads’ 25% response rate.
  • Relevant: Your goal will have an impact on your overall social media presence.
  • Time-bound: The goal has to be achieved by the end of the first quarter.

Setting your social media strategies with a definite purpose will help you to get rid of aimlessly posting.

#2. Promote your social media accounts

Without promoting your brand on social media, you cannot target the right audience to find you. You’ll need to tell them that your brand exists. Your business account should be easy to find, follow and share so that your audience can take action on your social profiles.

Start actively promoting your social media accounts and encourage your followers to interact with you in posts and stories. You should post regularly so that they will know you are not here for the short term.

Another best way to promote your brand is by video marketing. It is one of the most appropriate ways to reach out to your organic customers because videos are engaging and affordable.

#3. Focus on customer service

Social media has become an easy way for customer service. Instead of taking hours to reply to customer queries, you can use social media to connect with and address customer queries in minutes. It will help you to build a healthy relationship with them and also increase your brand value.

So instead of focusing just on advertising on social media, focus on customer satisfaction as well. Using social media accounts as a customer service platform will help you engage more customers to your brand. Satisfied customers can be your brand promoter for the long term.

Focus on trending things on social media platforms is one of the best ways to get attention from new customers. When you follow the trends, your posts go viral, which is a positive sign for your brand.

The easiest way to stay on top is just by keeping an eye on what’s trending. For example, You can check Twitter for trending hashtags daily and set your hashtags for your posts.

Finding trending videos on social media platforms is very normal. However, to be a part of a trending community, you can use high-quality social media video maker for your brand promotion.

#5. Focus on eye-catchy visuals

In the current scenario, almost every business is present online. Therefore, it may be difficult for your business to stand out among your competitors. Therefore, the most appropriate way to attract more audience to your business is to create and post eye-catchy visuals.

Eye-catchy visuals can be in any form, like images, infographics, or short videos. At present, if you look all over the social platforms, Facebook and Instagram are primarily in demand. This is because they allow their users to upload all types of videos, either short or very short.

Video creation is quite handy these days. Due to the availability of video editors and video makers both online and offline by multiple providers one can create an attractive video quickly. One of such excellent choices is InVideo online video editor having advanced video creation features and helps you to establish a solid social media presence among the crowd.

#6. Actively engage with your audience

Would you like to talk with someone who barely replies to your messages? Of course not. Users won’t follow or engage with you online if you never interact with them or if they get nothing in return. That’s why it is imperative to engage with your audience actively.

If you want your social media reach to expand, you need to create a community and interact with them. Not sure how to interact, here are some quick ideas:

  • Always mention people in your posts.
  • Give quick responses.
  • Run free coupon contests.
  • Like, share, and comment on other posts as well.
  • Add video content by using the best social media video makers.

Engaging with your audience will not only help to establish your brand but also to maintain a strong relationship with them.

#7. Create an editorial calendar

Sticking to a content schedule which is a very important part of marketing strategies on social media is something that successful brands do. If you notice, the common thread between the brands with the most popular social media presence is that they post content on various platforms consistently.

The most straightforward process to consistently post over social media platforms is to create and maintain an editorial calendar.

The Editorial calendar will help you with:

  • Allowing you to post on each social site without missing any of them.
  • Help you to post in real-time, which will also increase engagement.
  • Avoid repeating the same post.

In short, creating an editorial calendar will only help you to be consistent with your posting.


Get ready to have an excellent year for your social existence. But, first, you need to follow the tips mentioned above and establish your brand on social media platforms.

Just remember that growth on social media platforms needs a lot of effort, dedication, and time. So you’ll need to be patient and keep on growing daily.

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