9 Ways to Increase Creativity

increase creativity
increase creativity

We all get stuck—it happens. However, there’s no reason to stay there, as no feeling or state is permanent. No matter what your profession or passions, things are bound to get stagnant from time to time. Here are nine pointers on how to get your creative mojo back in a jiffy.

1. Get outdoors

Last week, I had the chance to hike a gorgeous forest that is smack in the middle of Vancouver. After spending the day breathing in fresh, clean air, I wrote six articles and pitched a proposal for a new gig. My point here is that fresh air stimulates your creative juices. So, get outdoors!

2. Take notes

Keep an old fashioned notepad and some pens on your bedside table, in your backpack, purse, in your car… you get the idea. Fleeting ideas are just that: fleeting. Catch them and jot them down before they disappear.

3. Read and then read some more

Find authors who you admire, and read everything they write, over and over again. Carry their books with you wherever you go. When seeking inspiration, it’ll only be a few inches away. I keep a copy of Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love” in my book-bag; I never leave home without it.

4. Mind the company you keep

Dark energy breeds more dark energy. Be careful of who you keep in your inner circle—those who vibrate on a high frequency will lift you higher. Surround yourself with people who shine and let you be your beautiful, brilliant self.

5. Crank up some new tunes

Ask for music suggestions from friends, and be open to new genres. Studies have shown that your brain needs stimulation from new sources on a regular basis. Music affects moods, so find some happy songs, crank ’em up, and maybe even dance around your living room.

6. Take breaks

Take a night off from chasing your dream, and just be “off.” This one is so difficult—I understand, as it’s hard for me to apply as well. Sometimes, however, your brain and body really need a breather, so please be gentle and kind to yourself and take that break.

7. Laugh

Find some new comedians on YouTube, or maybe just some that are new to you. Laughter fixes most things, and studies have shown that laughing often relaxes the body. It sends a message that all is well and that you are safe. It even lowers blood pressure!

8. Learn to meditate

Check out Deepak Chopra or TM.org for some of the most accessible, practical meditation techniques available. Once you start meditating, all sorts of things begin to fall into place. You will feel surges of creative energy; just go with it, and let those ideas flow.

9. Get physical

Make time for regular exercise, whether it’s running, walking, treadmills, spin classes, yoga, or something else entirely. Just pick one (or two) and start. Your creative juices flow more freely when your circulation, respiration, and perspiration are stimulated. Get up and get moving, and you’ll be going in the right direction in no time.


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