9 Skills You Can Build A Lifestyle Business Around

Want to live a life free of the system? Rather avoid the 9 to 5, the daily grind and the wonders of micro-management? If so – a lifestyle business could be your answer.

Lifestyle businesses work around you: your life, your goals, your income and on your terms. You can work anywhere in the world, anytime and at any pace – as long as you have the clients or the skills to do so.

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Building a lifestyle business isn’t as hard as it seems (I’m 22 and I’ve done it). But, it does require you to have skills that are profitable and can be done through a computer.

So, what skills do you need?

Here’s 9 of them that you can instantly start building a business around from the second you close this article:

1. Stock Photography

Stock Photography

Got a camera and a penchant for taking photos? This could be your perfect way to start a lifestyle business.

In an ever-growing world of blogs, websites, eBooks and magazines – people need photographs. Everything from scenery to dogs and men in suits to flowerpots.

If it ties in with an article or a theme, company owners want to buy them.

It can be as simple as taking your photos and uploading them to a website or creating your own portfolio and marketing it.

Whichever path you choose, it’s a great way to make money doing something you love.

2. Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing

Ever considered writing stories for a living?

Well, now you can do it without having to get a book deal or a publishing contract.

With the surge of eBooks, Kindles and mini-publishing houses – everyone is turning their attention online for their story needs. And it could be the perfect way to start building your lifestyle business.

Either start writing your eBook right away and upload it to Amazon; or become a pen-for-hire on a website like Elance or oDesk. Either way, you could become the author you always wanted to be.

3. Web Design

Web Design

Everyone wants a website.

Let me repeat that, everyone wants a website.

From businesses to bloggers and mothers to freelance writers – they all want a place to showcase themselves.

People are willing to pay over the odds to have a good website designed, by a professional designer.

So, if you’re skilled at using applications like Photoshop and or illustrator and want to create a lifestyle business around it – now is a great time to start.

From craigslist to freelancer and all the other websites in-between; put your services up for sale and start building your business today.

4. Copywriting


Want to be a writer but don’t care much for writing stories or novels? Don’t fret. There’s as much (if not more) opportunity to make money as a writer through Copywriting.

Businesses have one real problem: they know what they want to say, but have no idea how to say it. And, that’s where you come in.

Why not be the person who says it for them?

Again, freelance websites are in abundance for creating the copy. Or, you could reach out to Fortune 1000 companies and offer your services.

It really doesn’t need any more than a laptop and a good Internet connection.

5. Coaching


Passionate about helping people and talking through their problems – or helping them build a solid business? Coaching could be the right choice for you to build your own business on.

If you have an established audience through a blog or YouTube channel, it’s easier to get going straight from the off.

But, you could also look at doing Tony Robbins’ lifestyle coaching course to give you a great starting point.

This type of business can be slow to get going, but it’s one of the most lucrative when it’s in full swing.

6. Marketing


Good with Social Media, or have experience working in the marketing industry?

If so, it’s a great way to build a lifestyle business that’s completely location free.

People know how to write. People know how to create a product. But, people have absolutely no idea how to market anything.

Your skills are going to come in really handy for someone who has no idea how to get their product outside of their own website.

There is also no limit to the amount of money you can make doing this, providing you’re good at your job.

From Twitter to Facebook and guest blogging to conventional marketing – why not be the person who takes someone’s product to the next level?

7. Sales


If you have the ability to sell something, regardless of your knowledge of the product – someone is going to want to hire you to work.

The beauty of Sales is that is doesn’t have to be done in a Car Showroom or a Business Facility – it can be done anywhere, anytime.

There’s not much to this point, so if you’ve got an ability to sell that nobody else does – start getting yourself out there.

8. Branding

Good at creating logos, brand images and tying all the facets of business together? It could be a great starting point for your business if you are.

It’s common knowledge that businesses will spend over the odds to make sure their branding is legitimate and consistent – because they have no idea how to do it themselves.

You’ve probably stumbled across hundreds of websites that don’t quite ‘tie in’ with everything that’s going on within them.

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together could be your pathway to a lifestyle business you can rely on.

9. Programming/Coding


Good knowledge of HTML, MySQL, PHP (or any other form of coding) will get you really far in the world of lifestyle businesses.

There is an abundance of people (myself included) who have no idea about coding, other than how to make bold or Italic words on a WordPress document.

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