6 Summer Decor Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Kids’ living spaces should be nothing short of spectacular. One of the best ways to teach your kids some proper diligence and cleanliness is to subject them to an orderly environment from an early age. Summer decor their rooms with artistic wallpapers, lighting systems, unique color patterns, and youthful accents will maintain a convenient and entertaining environment in their living spaces.

Some of the factors to consider when summer decor kids’ rooms include safety, comfort, color patterns, background treatments, furniture, and accessories.

If you’re in for that compelling kid’s room come this summer, we’ve got you covered. Browse our 6 Summer Decor Ideas to get started.

1. Cute and Bubbly

Cute and Bubbly

To create a perfect indoor design in a shared room, personal space should be given the top priority. It’s only when your kids don’t feel crowded that they can enjoy the ambiance and serenity of their living space.

One way to activate this plan is to create extra relaxation space above the floor area. Hanging some futuristic, clear, and comfy chairs create that perfect experience. Let your kids feel the freedom at any height while keeping their minds distracted.

To blend in some perfect lighting and color inspiration, the floor mat should either be white or beige with light patterns of additive primary hues; blue and green. White is the perfect wall color as it compliments well with both gender preferences. For extra fun, a stand with toys, reading books, and color crayons fits well on the sides.

Natural lighting through the windows cancels the need for sophisticated daytime illumination. The ceiling also need not be so classy provided the walls are free from excessive art and unnecessary paintings.

2. Blend of hues

Blend of hues

I mix and match is your thing, then you’ll find it irresistible to try it somewhere in your kid’s room. The first step is to identify the various focal points in the room before maximizing their aesthetic appeal. Curtains, beddings, walls, floor mats, and furniture are some of the main areas to concentrate on. Any background with some shades of white can be matched with keen and symmetrical patterns of black.

Vintage-inspired furniture, pendant lighting system, and cool wall colors work just perfect. To avoid the plain and boring effect of cool-color undertones, embrace the walls with some ancient arts and portraits. Too much attention should also be avoided in the design since it will complicate the unique taste of colors.

From bed frames to nightstands and everything in between, the color transition should leave a soothing appeal to the eyes. Wooden and sleek furniture choices can be added provided they don’t interfere with the overall indoor setting. You can choose to go trial and error before getting that perfect color matches to suit the room’s interior design.

3. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Simple and delicate are the perfect descriptions for a pretty living space. When contemporary indoor design meets a great taste of color and creativity; a striking pattern of cute and minute tones is born. Color consideration is of great aspect and it all depends on your kid’s preference. In a typical design setting, pink is a standard feminine color while blue represents the boy child.

In design below, a small tent graced with some stuffed animals and teddy bears complete the venue for indoor campouts. To make sure pink remains relevant in all corners of the room, a pink birdcage and pink bedcoverings have been incorporated into the design. Wall stands, floor mats, and toy cabinet should also have some pink inspiration.

In a study report on the influence of gender and culture on color preference, it’s clear that the preference curve differs not only on an individual basis but also on gender, lifestyle, and community backgrounds. You can choose to substitute the pink color for blue or anything your child feels more comfortable with.

4. Zoo inspired

Zoo inspired

For animal lovers, nothing sounds perfect than a living space inspired by some jungle and outdoor themes. One way of incorporating animal portraits in any interior setting is through wallpapers, arts, and color choices.

A zebra-print wallpaper, stuffed animals and warm color patterns are some of the timeless selections that will bring out a perfect zoo in your kid’s bedroom. Animal portraits such as giraffe, lions, and deer add a spark of summer decor into the design.

5. Old-Western Minimalist design

Old-Western Minimalist design

Minimalist interior summer decor has stood the test of time in the design industry thanks to the no-nonsense themes, warm color patterns, and the mid-century modern decorations. Pulling a complete minimalist-look in your kid’s room with a touch of western civilization is one of the best ways to celebrate summer.

A whimsical cow-boy inspired wallpaper, light-colored furniture, and Moroccan floor carpet is enough for this design. A blend of warm colors such as maroon and burgundy works fine with the beddings. Just make sure that the impeccable taste of western visuals is well represented. You can also add some modern lighting systems such as Sonneman lighting for extra elegance.

6. Movie Magic

Instead of picking some generic themes and Summer Decor Ideas, you can decide to go a step further and incorporate some movie magic in your kid’s bedroom summer decor. Think of that Disney movie or superhero villains your child loves narrating to every visitor in your home. Compile their characters and figurines then source a designer if you can’t do it yourself.

Once you have a clear idea of how you want the living room to look like, blend the characters anywhere within the design parameters and you’ll be amused at how creative you can be. Let your child wake up every day with the superhero staring at him. Embrace the rare imaginations in your kid’s world by bringing his beloved characters right into the living space.

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In the below design, the room has been largely inspired by a Disney film- “Finding Nemo” and the movie’s superhero has been transformed into a comfy bed. Imagine having Captain Marvel, Batman, or Spiderman sleeping just beside your kid, he/she will really love it- and probably grow to be a superhero too. You can Give a try to Moon lamp which will give some new look to the room.


According to Freshhome designing a shared room, for example, involves selecting a non-conflicting color palate that can be used comfortably within the main elements of the room. This includes choosing furniture, wallpaper, and rugs of gender-neutral colors such as white and grey or turquoise with a blend of primary hues.

Preparation ahead of summer can be overwhelming especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast. You may want to design your backyard, repair a garage door, organize your kids’ room, or even finish some projects before packing for a holiday vacation. Either way, feel free to use the little help we can afford to offer as far as Summer Decor Ideas are a concern.

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