5 Useful Tips on How to Heal a Dry Scalp

dry scalp

Are you run into any skin scalp problems? Little white flakes fall on your shirt or feeling itchy and can’t stop scratching when seeing your friends that are so annoying. There are signals told that you may have skin scalp problems probably.

Dry scalp is a quite common skin problem in the population and easy to misunderstand with dandruff. Dry scalp and dandruff may have the same principle symptoms including the flaking and itchy scalp, so you maybe don’t know exactly your problem to have an excellent way to struggle with dry scalp properly.

Because the primary symptoms are similar, if you want to find how to heal a dry scalp, you have to understand the causes of the problems to distinguish between others.

What can make your scalp dry?

When your skin doesn’t have enough moisture, it may cause a dry scalp. And then your scalp will be natural to get irritated and flakes off.

Dry scalp can be caused by some elements:

  • Cold, dry weather
  • Reaction to goods such as shampoo, gel, or hairspray
  • Aging
  • Dietary deficiency
  • Frequent shampoo
  • Others

There are other reasons related to diseases making your scalp dry such as seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, eczema, lacking vitamin D, or even suffering from Parkinson’s or HIV.

How about the symptoms of the dry scalp?

If you have a dry scalp, you may have some symptoms such as:

  • Have small, dry flakes
  • Itchy scalp
  • The skin in other parts could be dry like arms or legs.

5 Useful Tips on How to Heal a Dry Scalp

If you are finding how to heal a dry scalp, let’s observe some advice below:

Replacing harsh shampoo

How do you take care of your hair and your scalp? Which shampoo are you using for your hair? Do you know which one is good for your health and how to utilize this correctly? Here are the answers to these questions.

In fact, using a mild shampoo and then applying a moisturizing method have surprising effects on your scalp. Applying moisturizer before going to bed makes the flakes disappear once the next morning washing hair. You also need some helps from hairstylists using steam and applying moisture to your scalp.

Don’t shampoo every day too hot water can make your hair and your scalp also dry. Some products which make your scalp dry containing alcohol such as gels, mousses, hairsprays shouldn’t be used.

You have to read the label carefully before using it for your hair and your scalp to identify drying ingredients. If you’re not sure about usage and frequencies to use any products, ask the doctor to make sure you’re right.

Scalp massage

A lot of people don’t care much about scalp massage. They just think that shampoo is good enough for the hair and the scalp. However, you maybe don’t know massage not only for rest but also for dry scalp problems. Let’s see some main points on how to heal a dry scalp by a scalp massage.

A gentle scalp massage stimulates the scalp helping conditioner deeper into your scalp. Then, your scalp can be less dry and fluent to recover. Don’t do it like scratching with your fingernail, just do like you shampoo your hair and your scalp.

You can combine scalp massage with brush hair 2-3 times per day can help maintain a balanced level of oil in hair and drop out the flakes. Drink enough 1.5-2L of water every day, provide moisture for the scalp. This way is beneficial, especially in cold weather.

Vitamin B supplement and suitable diet

Diet has a huge role in robust and healthy hair and scalp. Proper nutrition keeps you fit and comfortable to recover. If the menu provides enough vitamins, you don’t need to worry about hair and scalp problems.

Diet deficiencies such as vitamins B6 and vitamin B12 can cause dry scalp. Increase fruit, vegetables, whole-grain pieces of bread, and cereals in your diet is essential to improve your dry scalp.

Diet can also influence your hair and your scalp. Food with much sugar can cause a dry scalp and flaking as well. Therefore advice for you is decreased sugary food such as candy or desserts maybe help. Moreover, too spicy, salty foods affect your dry scalp problem also. Try to cut down them on your meal much as you can to have healthy hair and scalp.

Using medicated shampoos

If your problem doesn’t change, maybe you need medicated shampoos. Some medicated over-the-counter shampoos contain medicine to clear up flakes skin such as Pyrithione zinc ( Head & Shoulders), selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, salicylic acid, or coal tar.

Remember to use them at least once or twice a week and alternate with a good conditioner. These shampoos will help to manage your dry scalp efficiently.

Visiting a doctor

If a dry scalp can’t be improved and you still have flakes and itchy, you should visit a dermatologist to have another prescription with a stronger shampoo or a steroid medication.

You may do it by yourself to find the answer on how to heal a dry scalp to remove flakes and improve your problems at home, but see your doctors if you can’t fight your flaking and don’t enhance your bare skin.


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