5 Upcoming T-Shirt Trends to Look Out For in 2018

T-Shirt Trends

Screen printing is one of the most loved and most popular t-shirt printing methods today. It is liked both by customers and businesses alike for its high-quality prints and cost-efficiency. Screen-printed t-shirts have been around a long time, but the design trends keep changing. Today, I will talk about future trends in screen-printed t-shirts for 2017 and 2018.

Movie Characters:

With the advent of Marvel and DC movies, the demand for movie character t-shirts is at an all-time high. Both adults and kids show a high demand for t-shirts. We believe the market is going to get even higher in the future. Not just t-shirts, action figures, backpacks, and kid items will also be in high demand.

The demand for superhero character’s t-shirt went a record high when the first Spiderman movie came out. And now Marvel and DC are up to creating their universe with 100s of new famous characters to choose from.

Bright Prints:

Bright luminescent prints look like they are from the future. The surreal designs look like art on canvas, something that reveals the designer’s inner psyche. It has been growing in popularity for the past few years, and we will see more of it in the future.

Combining the design to abstract futuristic designs is expected to bring a fusion of fantasy and reality. It is one of those models that create a feeling of psychedelic and dreamscape.

Space Themed T-shirt:

Space is fun, and it is one of the highly opted things for nerds and geeks. You will notice that Hollywood releases at least a couple of movies every year based on space. We believe this is soon going to be in fashion. It represents the unknown, discovery, exploration, and infinite possibilities. Space-themed t-shirts are sure to be appreciated by today’s youth.

Vintage Prints:

Vintage t-shirts are the hottest new range for adults and teenagers alike. This is why faded tees are in high demand among youngsters. Don’t you just love a t-shirt that looks 20 years old, both in appearance and print? Softer shades look genuinely more vintage. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses and consumers to get that worn-out look they’ve always wanted.

Black and White Prints:

Black and white prints are classic and have been and will be around for some time. The contrast creates a minimalistic and spacious appeal. It also creates the most head-turner designs. It is also preferred by businesses who want to use t-shirt prints for marketing purposes. It may not be as new a trend as others;

I believe it will gain in popularity in the future. On the bright side, creating a black and white print is faster and comfortable, making it a popular choice among pint shops.

Those above are the top 5 screen printed t-shirt trends to look out for in 2018. We believe you should also look out for other t-shirt trends such as wild prints, solid and geometric prints, abstract art prints, Renaissance prints, etc. As per the trends and demand, print shops also love to use inks T-Shirt Design software for presenting new and trendy stylish t-shirt.

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