5 Tips on Choosing the Right Cabinet Handles

When we build a home and furnish it, every decision counts. Even small decisions can make an impact on how our home looks in the end. Cabinet handles, for instance, may seem inconsequential, but when installed faulty, they can irritate or cause downright malfunction of the furnishing.

Whether you are planning to refurbish your home or furnishing it from scratch, it’s important that you pay attention to the cabinet handles. Today we have a wide range of cabinet handles to choose from.

But sometimes that can make the job twice as hard. How do we choose one from the many? What should our decision be based on? Do we need handles, knob, or pull-outs? Well, here are a few tips to make the job easier:


This is the most important factor. Like all items when it comes to furnishing, location is the most important factor. Where we place the furnishing will eventually decide the kind of hardware that will go with it.

There are many factors that come into play here. For instance, locations exposed to a highly corrosive environment, like the bathrooms, obviously need cabinet handles that have a high ability to withstand corrosion.

Outdoor cabinet handles will also need resistance to corrosion. Some locations may require something extra. For instance, in a living room, you can go for a bit of splash. While other location usually requires pretty functional handles, you may want a more flamboyant style in the living room.


The decor style is another deicing factor in cabinet handles and fortunately, we have plenty of choices in cabinet handles today. So, match the handle with the decor style. We can have any decor style in our living room, kitchen, or bedroom – from classic, contemporary, to modern.

Each has a different personality of its own that comes out through the small details like handles. So, selecting the right handle can also make a difference in how you style a room. Let us look at some of these:

  • Classic: The classic style comes with a lot of details, such as moldings and embellishments. The perfect way to achieve this style is by incorporating the same kind of cabinet handles. Go for ornate handles. You can use materials like brass or copper for a more classic and traditional look.
  • Contemporary: The contemporary style has neutral elements, rounded lines, and bold colors. The shape and form are important here without the excess ornamentation that is the hallmark of the more traditional style. For a contemporary-styled room, try a more rounded shape in handles, but with clear lines. You can also go for something unusual with colored handles.
  • Modern: The modern is a complete departure in terms of styling with stark, clean lines. The emphasis here is on the usage of utilitarian pieces. You only use what is strictly functional. Hence, decorative touches are of no use here. Go for sleek, clean, and modern lines in a metallic finish. This is a minimalistic style. Keep that in mind when designing the overall look.

Pre-existing placement: This is important when you are refurbishing a place or overhauling the cabinets. Check for drilled holes from previous cabinet handles and see if you can get the same dimensions. Drilling too many holes may affect the furniture. It will affect the overall look.

Functionality: Whatever the initial impression, never forget the functionality of the piece. A cabinet handle, even when pretty, is not a mere decorative piece. It has an important function of pulling or opening cabinets and drawers. So, it is important that you select this carefully. You can also try out a sample before placing an order for your home.

Placement: Where you put the handle actually makes a huge difference to its functionality. For instance, a cabinet that is installed at a height, has its handles at the bottom, so that it can be opened easily. Similarly, cabinets installed under the kitchen slab will often have the handle at the top, so that it can be opened without bending too much.


Choosing the right cabinet handles has a direct effect on its functionality and the overall decor style of your room. So, pick your handles keeping in mind their location, placement, and decor style.

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