5 Blogging Tips For Baby Bloggers

So, you’ve finally started that blog you’ve had on your mind for a while. Whether you’re showcasing hilarious bakery disasters or discussing stock market trends, you’re probably worried about the big issue in blogging: readers!

Even though most of us would (and sometimes will) blog simply for enjoyment, everyone likes a little recognition. More importantly, some Baby Bloggers rely on readers to keep their lights – and the internet – turned on.

Everyone wants a quality blog with an astonishing number of readers. While the two go together a lot of the time, there are some tricks to help you work smarter, not harder.

Here are some expert tips for baby bloggers trying to turn that dream into reality:

1. Figure Out Your Audience

Are you writing for fellow stay-at-home moms? Middle-aged business moguls? Tech geeks in grad school? Your audience doesn’t have to be narrowly defined, nor does it have to define you. Regardless, it would help if you had an idea of whom you’re writing for and Who should target your posts loosely toward that audience.

Once you’ve figured out your audience, you should use that to influence when and how often you post. You do not have to post every single day. For some blogs, that might be detrimental. However, it would help if you tried to update at least once a week. Make a schedule and find something to write about. If you commit to posting on Sundays and Wednesdays, make sure you post on those days.

2. Make Each Post Irresistible

Start with a catchy, curiosity-inducing headline. Once the reader opens up the article, keep the message concise, engaging, and easy to read. Make sure you have a polished theme conducive to reading; there’s nothing worse than dying of curiosity while trying to read tiny, cramped black writing on a navy background!

Also, keep an eye on your word count. As a general rule, different topics will command different word counts, but your content should be between 300 and 1,000 words.

3. Remind Your Readers How They Can Get Your Updates

Many repeat readers will want their updates to come through social media sites. Work in a link to your social media profiles in the body of your post or, more commonly, at the end. If you can make it clever, convincing, and funny, do that.

However, even just saying, “If you liked this post, follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more!” is better than nothing. Many people would be happy to read your blog regularly, but how many of us are good at remembering to visit each blog every day? You can vastly increase your regular readership by reminding them how they can get notified of your new posts.

4. Find Your Style

Finding and sticking with your writing voice is challenging for all Baby Bloggers. Even seasoned bloggers sometimes catch themselves copy-catting another writer! It cannot be easy for new bloggers to figure out what your writing voice even sounds like.

Stick with it, though! Your unique writing style will help set you apart from the rest of the blogging world. Just don’t get too creative with grammar and spelling, of course. If you make terrible puns sometimes, make terrible puns! If you naturally have a very polished and formal tone, make that work for you. Imitating others’ styles will only make you blend into obscurity, and in the blogosphere, that’s not a good thing.

Don’t worry if your style seems to clash with your topic. Some of the best and most innovative blogs “clash.” You might be surprised by the number of readers interested in a humorous business news blogger or a highly articulate mommy blogger.

5. Get Your Readers Involved

You have to have readers to pull this off, but it can make a huge difference! End your posts with open questions for the readers, and you may get exciting discussions in your comments.

Ask your readers what they’d like to see on the site, and then try to make that happen for them. Invite Baby Bloggers occasionally. Do your best to foster a sense of conversation and community on your blog, and people will remember and return.


Running a successful blog requires a lot of hard work and patience. As frustrating as it can be to write more or less to yourself for a while, dedication can result in some excellent payouts.

These tips can’t guarantee success, but following them will increase your chances of gathering a steady audience. Now, so as not to disregard my advice, what blogging success tips have you discovered?

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