Four Reasons To Love Being Your Own Valentine

If you’re finding yourself spending this Valentine’s Day solo, there’s a chance you could be in a less-than-stellar mood as you’re surrounded by heart-shaped boxes of candy and rows of romantic love cards at the market.

Take it from me, and a happily (most of the time) married person—being your valentine has an upside. So, grab a box of chocolates you don’t have to share and enjoy these four reasons to love being your valentine.

#1. Your Snuggie TM doesn’t snore.

Cuddling another human has its definite advantages. Something is calming about sinking your head into your pillow, wrapping your arms around your mate and falling into a deep—wait. There it is again…a sleep growl from eight inches away from that not even a nose strip can quell. When did you marry Chewbacca?

Think about your Snuggie for a minute. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, watches The Sound of Music with you without complaining and gets washed whenever you want it to. Perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t snore—so go ahead and cuddle that Snuggie while I grab my earplugs.

#2. You don’t need a holiday to pay attention to your underclothes.

Choosing pretty, flattering and appropriately fitting intimates can be a daunting task if you’re out of practice. For married women or those who’ve been attached for a long time, choosing daily undergarments is a lot like bobbing for apples—except the apples are panties, and the barrel is your sock drawer.

You blindly dive in, hoping to come out with something fresh. Anything. Apparently, on Valentine’s Day, though, married women are supposed to pay attention to that sort of thing.

I imagine you, Single Lady, have many options in your dresser just in case you want to feel extra special one day. It could be any day, really—no national holiday required.

#3. Your home, just like your life, is a judgment-free zone.

It’s Valentine’s Day Eve: what’s on your single-woman agenda? Do you want to eat three bags of kettle corn in your sweat pants while watching late-night TV? Could you do it?

There is nobody next to you on the couch sticking his fingers into the bowl, eating all the good pieces and talking through the best Letterman skits. Or, do you want to go out on the town in your best dress and see where the night takes you? Could you do it? Either option is perfectly acceptable.

Now, when February 14th arrives, do you want to binge-watch kung fu movies all day, or would you instead get in some brunch and hot yoga? Whatever you choose is correct because you answer to nobody. Your life is a judgment-free zone. What you do in your living room is between you and the couch. Think about that.

#4. You don’t have to share your chocolate. Or wine.

The gummy bear the size of a small child, the box of expensively imported chocolates, the jumbo bottle of vino from the markdown aisle—yeah, you don’t have to share those. You don’t have to share anything.

Take stock of all that you hold dear—your home, your friends, your collection of Moscato—that’s all yours, Single Woman. No sharing is necessary.

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