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36 Best Cooktops


When it comes to debating the best cooktops available method for turning out meal after meal, cooked to splendid perfection, there will never be a total consensus and a meeting of the minds. Everyone does seem to have their own particular preference, and leading cooktop manufacturers everywhere are rejoicing that the different types of today’s cooktop technology all have something to offer for a wide variety of preferences among consumers. With this having been said, there are leaders among the three distinct types of (indoor) cooking methods available today. If you are thinking of buying a new cooktop for your kitchen, the information that follows shares the most prominent Best Cooktops being manufactured for today’s kitchens.

Electric Cooktops

Electric Cooktops

1.Kitchenaid–This bastion of the kitchen appliance industry, Kitchenaid brings all the very best cooktops to the most widely used method of cooking today: electric cooktop technology. With built-in downdraft ventilation, the 4 element electric cooktops featured in their Architect Series II provide the highest level of even heat and are very popular inclusions in many of today’s homes.

2.&3. Bosch–Featuring the Bosch 500 and 800 series, popular bridging features that allow even cooking that spans the realm of two burners, This cooktop technology covers much ground. With intuitive touch control features that are housed on the lower center of the Best Cooktops, precise temp control, and PowerStart technology, a seamless cooking experience is a given.

4.&5.–Frigidaire Coil Cook Technology–Glass cooktops are becoming more of a threat to the classic coil cooktop, so as a result, coil cooktops have become more sophisticated, with new features that are intended to compete with the latest ceramic innovations. And unlike their gas, ceramic-top, and induction counterparts, the coils work well with more types of cookware like cast iron, aluminum, and copper–which can become permanently tarnished or can end up scratching ceramic cooktops. New designs make cleaning easier than ever. Frigidaire also makes ceramic topped Best Cooktops as well. Among the leaders are the 30 inches ceramic top and the 32-inch coil top.

6.&7.–GE Coil Cooktops–Visually create an abundance of space. Easy to clean and warning light when any burner is still hot. Among the most popular is the 36” JP626WKWW. GE also makes ceramic cooktops with exceptional features like the GE Profile Downdraft PP989DNBB

Among other best selling electric cooktops are:

8.–LG 30-inch

9.&10.–Maytag 36-inch, and the Maytag MEC7430BS

11–Summit 2-Burner

12–Whirlpool Gold

13.,14.&15–GE GHP900, THE GE PHP960DMBB and the GE PP989

Gas Cooktops

Gas Cooktops

16.–Kitchenaid–A lengthy stint in the food preparation industry, Kitchenaid offers what they refer to as Even-Heat Technology, with special settings for new degrees of precision and control in simmering, melting, and cooking. Their top of the line commercial-style gas cooktops is available in different configurations. Some feature griddles and some feature grills. For the cooking sophisticate. One of their very popular models is their KFGS306VSS.

17.–BlueStar Gas Cooktops provide some of the evenest heating ever when cooking with gas.

There are many other Gas cooktop Designs that consumers are raving about. Among them are:

18.–Dacor Classic 46 inch

19.&20. — Electrolux EW30GC55GS and the EW36GC55G

21.&22.–GE Cafe Series 36 inch and the GE Profile Downdraft

23.–Maytag 36-inch

24.,25.&26.–Whirlpool 30-inch, Whirlpool GLS3665RS, and the Whirlpool Gold 36-inch

27.–Wolfe 15-inch makes the most of your counter space without losing any powerful capabilities.

28.–LG LSCG306ST

29.–Frigidaire FFGC3015L

Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

The playing field has gotten a whole lot larger with the innovation of induction cooking to the array of options. Many consumers cite induction cooking as their favorite method of stovetop cooking, with regard to its provision of constant, smooth, and even temperature. By magnets that produce movement in the pan’s molecules, only the pan or pot becomes hot, with the cooktop remaining cool to the touch. With gas and electric cooktops, there is considerable heat lost into the atmosphere, but not so with induction technology.

From its ability to produce an instant simmer and much faster boiling, induction cooking is arguably making a place for itself among the most popular methods of food preparation. What follows is a list of the most-sold induction cooktops on the market today.

30.–Miele– With an unsurpassed level of quality control and service, Miele represents outstanding manufacturing however this is not the most powerful cooktop.

31.–Jenn-Air JIC4536XS– Whirlpool’s premium forerunner, this cooktop has great options and decent burners. Burner interconnectivity is included.

32.–Thermador CIT36XKB– Called the Thermador Freedom Cooktop, this ultra-cool cooktop can cook up to four pans at one time, and they can be randomly placed anywhere upon the cooktop surface. Thermador also sells a five-burner cooktop.

33.–Wolf CT361– Another very popular brand with picky consumers.

34.–Gaggenau– Actually this is Thermador’s sister brand, featuring all of the functionality of the Thermador. A matter of individual preference.

35.–Bosch Benchmark NITP666UC– This cooktop is designed on the “Freedom” technology used by Thermador and Gaggenau, with a design layout of a 12” to 9” central burner that is larger, with a flex induction zone on either side. This allows for larger, oval, or rectangularly-proportioned pans to receive ample heating to every place that is in contact with the cooktop.

36.–Frigidaire Professional Series FPIC3695MS– This is one of the most popular luxury brands of the entire American appliance market. Much more affordably priced, Frigidaire makes two series of induction cooking technology, with the Professional Series and the Gallery Series. Frigidaire’s reputation includes reliability, which answers many questions about the much lower price.

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