2014 Ford Escape Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Find out how to replace your 2014 Ford Escape battery with a new, affordable option today. Whether your SUV won’t start or you’re concerned with the age of your

Find out how to replace your 2014 Ford Escape battery with a new, affordable option today. Whether your SUV won’t start or you’re concerned with the age of your battery, check out the steps required for this maintenance task to save money on this straightforward project.

Get a Brand New Auto Battery

When your SUV doesn’t start, your first instinct may be to jump-start it. Find out how to start a car to see if this can resolve the issue. Sometimes a jump-start is all you need after leaving your headlights on or a device charging.

However, even a jump-start won’t restore your battery in other situations. When your battery keeps dying or a jump-start doesn’t cut it, shop for a new battery online or at your local auto parts store.

Batteries come in specific sizes, reserve capacities, cold cranking amps and position of terminals. If you don’t purchase the right type of battery, it may not fit or properly power your Escape. Order online or with the help of an auto parts service technician to find the right option at the right price.

How To Replace a Battery

Replacing a Ford Escape battery is a maintenance task you can take on with minimal tools and less than an hour. Gather these items and find a convenient place to work on your Ford Escape:

  • Adjustable wrench, screwdriver and socket set
  • New battery
  • Dielectric grease
  • Protective gear

Find your battery in the engine compartment and take a minute to inspect it. Are there any leaks or areas of excessive corrosion? If so, use extreme caution when removing your battery to avoid burns or damaging your Escape.

Please choose the appropriate tool to loosen the battery cable clamps to remove them from the terminals. Never touch the positive terminal with a tool or your hands until you’ve fully removed the negative cable.

The negative battery cable should be marked with a negative symbol. The end should be unpainted or painted black or grey. Once you’ve fully removed the cable and placed it away from the battery, remove the positive cable with the same tool.

Locate the screw or bolt holding the restraint on your battery. Loosen this to remove the old battery and prepare to replace it with a new one. Fasten the new battery with the same restraint system before connecting the cables.

It would help if you connected the positive battery cable before connecting the negative cable to the corresponding terminals. Apply dielectric grease to the terminals to reduce the risk of corrosion and encourage a strong connection.

Once you’ve finished your project, it’s time to recycle the old battery. Automotive batteries are a hazard to the environment if improperly disposed of, so take yours to a participating recycling centre or auto parts store to avoid it being placed in a landfill.

Where To Buy a Battery

Power your starter and maintain your Escape with a highly rated battery. Explore your options at a local auto parts store or online to see how you can invest in a long-lasting, reliable maintenance component.

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