20 Easy Recipes To Drinking More Water

20 Easy Recipes To Drinking More Water

So we all know that we need to drink more water to experience optimal health and energy.

But for a lot of people drinking 3-4Litres a day seems impossible and then you have the fear of having to go to the bathroom all the time. And you have some people who are literally afraid of drinking too much water because some studies have stated the possible dangers on your body for consuming too much water.

What I am telling you is it’s hard to consume too much water and only athletes are really the ones who face this sort of issue.

We need water to cleanse our system and to keep us hydrated so we can be fully functionally mentally and physically. In fact if we don’t get enough water into our system not only do we feel fatigue but we can also feel depressed, confused and dizzy.

The upmost important information I want you take from this article though is that super hydrating is important for optimal health and well-being.

It’s becoming increasingly known the dangerous of drinking tap and bottled water. With so many chemicals added to our water supply, we need to start filtering our tape water for healthy safe consumption.

This is why the growing demand for alkaline water jugs at home and filtered water bottles have skyrocketed in the last few months.

By owning your own alkaline jug and filter water bottle we are drinking quality healthy super hydrating water, which helps flush out toxins from our body and replaces them with alkaline minerals.

Better yet drinking more alkaline water is easier than you think.

By purchasing an alkaline water jug you can have fresh alkaline drinking water from home without having to do anything other than fill your jug with water. The jug does the rest for you by filtering the harsh chemicals and contaminants from your tap water while adding alkaline minerals. Alternatively you can simple use a filter water jug and add Alkalife Ph Drops to your water to do the alkalizing for you.

From here simply drink 8-10 glasses a day and you will see results such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Increase in concentration
  • Decrease in brain fog
  • More vitality
  • Better sense of overall wellbeing
  • More energy
  • Thinking more positively
  • Increased immunity

Some of the best ways to consume more water are by making delicious flavoured alkaline water tonics, Homemade Ice Tea, Hot Herbal teas, Green Juices and Green Smoothies.

Getting your 6-8 cups of water in a day will never be easier especially when you establish a routine as well.

Some of my tips to drinking 3-4L of water a day:

  1. Have 500mls of water as soon as you wake with lemon juice
  2. Make green smoothie with alkaline water and fresh greens (250mls)
  3. Have another 500mls an hour after breakfast with super greens and lemon juice
  4. Sip throughout the morning another 500mls of water with added Ph drops
  5. After lunch enjoy in a homemade ice tea or hot herbal tea 250mls
  6. Sip throughout the afternoon 500mls of water with ph drops
  7. 1 hour before dinner drink 500mls of water with super greens and lemon juice
  8.  ½ hour after dinner sip on hot herbal tea or homemade ice-tea 250mls
  9. Before going to bed sip through 500mls of greens with lemon juice

This is my suggestion and for some this may seem a little crazy to consume, but this has helped keep my energy high, my skin clear, my mind focused and my tummy flat.

Of course, if you’d like a third party view, here is an article that reviews the best ways to make alkaline water at home.

For your interest I have also included 20 amazing alkaline water recipes:

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