11‌ ‌Expensive-Looking‌ ‌Landscaping‌ Fixes‌ ‌That‌ ‌Won’t‌ ‌Actually‌ ‌Hurt‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Wallets‌

Who doesn’t want a sprawling yard that looks like it’s taken straight from a lifestyle magazine? We all do, of course.

Many homeowners skip investing in Landscaping‌ garden design projects because they’re not ready to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it. What most homeowners don’t know, however, is that some luxurious-looking garden features they envy from celebrity homes can be affordable.

Can’t afford to hire a Landscaping‌ garden design expert? Beautify your yard by investing in these cheap yet attractive landscaping features.

1. Water feature

Whether it’s a pond filled with vivid koi fishes or a small, trickling rock fountain, adding a minor water feature can instantly turn your yard into a zen garden.

Water features aren’t just inexpensive and easier to install than you think. They can be installed using a shovel and a few decorative stones in a day or two. You can find easy-to-install kits at most home and garden stores.

2. Boulders

Pebbles are great, but have you ever considered dressing your yard with something bigger and more robust? Think about putting a stunning boulder, which makes an eye-catching garden feature. Boulders also make your flowers and other garden plants look more like in their natural habitat.

3. Patio/ seating area

Want to maximize a good amount of usable yard space without digging a deep hole or planting something? Think about adding a relaxation area to your front yard.

A simple paver brick or flagstone patio with stylish outdoor furniture makes a perfect focal point, especially if you love hosting parties or unwinding outdoors. You may even use a hammock to create a “laidback afternoon on the beach” vibe.

4. Backyard fire pit

Since we’re talking about patios and social gatherings, how about installing a fire pit for fun barbeque parties? Building a stylish fire pit is no different from the cost of a thin store-bought fire ring.

5. Gravel garden path

A garden path you can walk through your Landscaping‌ never fails to provide interest. If you’re looking for an attractive option cheaper than concrete or paver, you may opt for gravel or mulch. Gravel isn’t just inexpensive and durable and low-maintenance, making it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic.

6. Ornamental grasses

Grasses often act as backdrops, allowing flowers, trees, and ornaments to take the spotlight. However, only some know that grasses can be a stunning garden feature once designed by someone with a keen eye for design.

A thoughtful combination of various types of grass adds color, texture, and a contemporary aesthetic to your garden. You may plant flax, blue oat grass, fountaingrass, little bluestem, zoysia, and feather reed grass.

7. Perennials

Are you looking for a nice splash of color in your garden? Filling your garden with perennials, which return year after year, sounds like a great idea. Perennials such as Allium, Baptisia, Coneflower, Astilbe, Sage, Kangaroo Paw, and Veronica,

While perennials might cost you a little more upfront, it will be a one-time expense that will pay off in the long term.

8. Low stone entry walls

Aside from a stunning walkway, you may also erect low stone walls. These striking features can define one’s entry, separate seating areas from public sidewalks, and provide a good spot for potted plants. While natural stone is ideal, they’re often tricky to set. Opt for decorative concrete units for a relatively inexpensive alternative that’s easier to install.

9. Fences

Fences not only enhance your safety – but they also define your front-yard area and boost your curb appeal. Traditional white picket fences never go out of style, but if you’re looking for a modern look, you may opt for stylish stone and wrought iron fencing.

10. Upcycled Planters

No need to buy a new planter to mimic the sophisticated landscape garden design you saw in the magazine. You can work with the ones you have and make them look expensive with paint and other art materials. Here are some ideas:

  • Wrap old planters with twine for a rustic look.
  • Use wine crates, barrels, old pallets, and tires as planters.
  • Punch up your terracotta pots by painting them boldly, like red.
  • Mount small planters on the deck
  • Cluster planters at different heights add dimension and depth.

11. Lighting features

Of course, your garden must look stunning 24/7. When the sun goes down, you can still showcase the beauty of your flowers and features with strategic lighting. These can be as complex as built-in lights or as easy as solar garden lights. Light vital features, like water features (with an underwater spotlight), statues, critical large trees, and driveways and pathways.

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