10 Perfumes That Smell Like the Beach

If you want to enjoy the smell of the ocean or an exotic beach every day this summer, here are the top picks for fragrances that evoke the scent of a beach.

Whether your favorite part about the smell of a beach is the sand or the marine accords, plenty of fragrances have tried to replicate it, some with a great deal of success. These top choices can evoke the feeling of a beach without actually smelling like rotting seaweed.

10 Perfumes That Smell Like the Beach

Check out some of the best perfumes that smell like the beach and decide which one would fit your style best. Have a gorgeous summer by having a beach in a bottle and enjoying its delightful aroma even when you’re on top of a mountain.

Bobbi Brown Beach

Blending the scent of sand with jasmine and sea spray makes Bobbi Brown’s Beach one of the most literal interpretations of a gorgeous summer vacation in an exotic location.

With a touch of mandarin and a little sweetness that can remind you of sunscreen, this is definitely a top choice for your summer signature fragrance.

Biotherm Eau Océane

If you’re looking for perfumes that smell like the beach so you can be close to the ocean every day, Eau Oceane is definitely a top choice. Its top notes include lemon, watery fruits and bergamot, followed by an enchanting heart of aquatic notes, with a touch of jasmine. The base of the fragrance mixes algae, sand flowers and moss with cedar and musk.

Hermès Eau des Merveilles

With a strong woody top, that also includes notes of orange and lemon, Eau des Merveilles is definitely a top choice if you’re looking for the warm feeling of the beach with a touch of ambergris. Middle notes include pink pepper and violet, and the base mixes fir, cedar, oakmoss and vetiver, while still delivering a salty scent that resembles the beach.

Demeter Salt Air

This unisex fragrance is one of the most renowned perfumes that smell like the beach. When you’re longing for the smell of the sea breeze, this is your best choice. Mixing a salty aroma with a strong marine accord, Demeter’s Salt Air is focused on delivering a single scent, from the first whiff to the drydown, and doing it perfectly.

Dior Dune

A modern classic, Dior’s Dune fragrance can also hit your sweet spot if you’re looking for a gorgeous fragrance with a salty edge that evokes a tropical beach. Top notes include aldehydes, mandarin, bergamot and rosewood. The heart includes lily, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, while the base includes sandalwood, oakmoss, amber, patchouli, vanilla and benzoin.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri

Out of the best perfumes that smell like the beach, Acqua di Parma’s Arancia di Capri fragrance has the strongest tropical vibes. The unisex perfume includes fresh top notes of orange, mandarin and grapefruit, while the heart includes notes of cardamom and petit grain, and the base includes caramel and musk. If you’re looking for a fragrance that invokes the European beaches of the Mediterranean, this is definitely a great choice.

Nautica My Voyage

If you’re looking for a softer aquatic fragrance, Nautica’s My Voyage is the best floral that fits the bill. The fragrance features noted of lime, bergamot, peony and warm amber. It’s also a great choice if you like clean scents, but aren’t crazy about soapy ones.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

If your perfect beach is next to an orchard, Acqua di Gioia is definitely your best choice as one of the perfumes that smell like the beach. Inspired by the designer’s summer holidays on Mediterranean islands, it delivers fresh top notes of mint and lemon, followed by aquatic jasmine, pink pepper and peony, with a base of sugar, labdanum and cedar.

JLo Miami Glow

When you’re trying a sweet beachy scent that avoids the salty and aquatic notes, Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez is an inspired choice. It has tropical top notes, including coconut and passionfruit, middle notes of orange blossom and heliotrope, one a base of vanilla, amber and musk.

Michael Kors Island Palm Beach

If you can’t imagine a summer holiday without a delicious cocktail, this Michael Kors fragrance is one of the best perfumes that smell like the beach for your style. It has fruity top notes of grapefruit and orange, a heart of jasmine, rum and pink pepper, on a base of vanilla and black tea.

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