10 Most Popular Hairstyles Summer

Discover the most popular hairstyles for summer that will keep you looking cool and stylish. From beach waves to braids, find your perfect summer look.

With bright blue skies and a sense of joy in the air, what better way to start the summer then rocking a cool new hairstyle?

The hot summer months bring along with them a need for freshness that exudes confidence. Whether it’s your outfit or hairstyle, it’s important to match it to your personality for maximum results.

Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for the summer.

Popular Hairstyles For Summer

1) Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

This updo is unique, fresh, and vibrant all rolled into one.

The haircut is designed to maximize a polished look that settles neatly through the back and sides. This effect is created with the help of meticulously cut layers that hug the head and create a seasoned finish.

To get the “pixie” look, this haircut has to be styled by pushing the new bangs across your eye (right or left) and getting it to sit in that particular direction.

The final touches are given to this hairstyle by working on the back and tapering the edges. This ensures the haircut has a bit of an edge to it and looks amazing from all angles!

2) Short Curly Hairstyle

Short Curly Hairstyle

For those wanting a bit of sizzle to their hair, there is nothing better than a robust short curly haircut. This is a look that is going to draw attention and will give you a spurt of confidence that is impossible to ignore from miles away!

The short curly cut is designed to emphasize movement in the hair. This means it is going to be cut short on the sides and back (length can vary based on preference) while making the top longer. This will help “curl” the hair on top to create a sense of waviness.

Use hair rollers to maximize this effect and get the rolls to have bounce. This is how the look will be completed and look the way you want it to.

3) Chic Straight Bob

Chic Straight Bob

The beauty of this hairstyle is seen through its clean simplicity that bodes well in hotter months. Having something that’s crisp, fresh, and fun will always make you happy and that’s what the chic straight bob has to offer.

The idea behind this short do is to keep the sides sitting on the face for maximum effect. A side part is created to help reveal the forehead and split the haircut into two sides. This ensures you can texturize the bottom and make sure it’s neatly cut where the hair is going to sit.

Styling the hair this way helps to create the shape you’re after with a modern bob. The reason this is a good option has to do with its versatility and how well it can work for people of all ages.

4) Wavy Ponytail

Wavy Ponytail

Yes, the simplicity of this summer cut is its biggest strength.

Women that are tired of getting hair in their eyes during the warmer months will enjoy rocking a ponytail. However, it’s important to get this right so it doesn’t look like minimum effort was put into the style! To do this the right way, it’s best to keep the hair cut fresh and ensure the layers are evenly managed.

This keeps the ponytail healthy and looking the way you want it to be. Some of the biggest Hollywood stars are seen rocking this look during the warmer months because of how easy it is to handle.

To get the desired waves, it’s best to use a curling wand and work it through the hair before putting it in a ponytail. This should give it the desired effect that you are after in a matter of minutes.

5) Slicked-Back Waves

Slicked-Back Waves

The wavy look is always fun but it’s best to rock it with the slicked-back look.

This one is a fun and it begins with the help of a fresh haircut that sits right at shoulder length. You want to keep it at this length so the hair is easier to manage and looks well-kept from all angles. The “slicked-back” look is going to be achieved with the help of gel (if necessary) and can be tightly combed into place.

Look to create the wavy effect using a curling wand and make sure it is reserved to the ends of your hair.

6) Looped Bun

Looped Bun

The Looped bun has become popular among women after Ciara was seen rocking it. It is a look that has mesmerized people because it has a certain relaxed aura to it that is hard to deny. To get this look to go the way you want it to, it’s time to break down the hairstyle.

You need to have bangs at the front and they have to sit neatly above the eyes. If necessary, you want the outside bangs to be longer in length to create layers in the cut.

This is going to help give it the well-rounded appearance you’re after for a summer look. After you have the right haircut, it’s time to work on the hairstyle and looped bun. The bun is going to sit low and will not be tightly put together.

It has to have a lazy elegance to it and that means a soft bun will be created near the bottom half of your head. This should complete the hairstyle and make sure the bun works well with the bangs.

Make sure to keep the length of the hair short so the bun is manageable and doesn’t droop too much!

7) Top Knot

Top Knot

When it comes to summer fashions, this might be right up there with the most popular. Its magic is seen with the top bun as it is easy to manage and a whole lot of fun for women during the harsher months. Being able to keep the hair out of your way is never a bad thing and that’s what a top bun has to offer.

You will want to keep the hair at shoulder length while getting a trim but it can be slightly longer if necessary. This is not a mandatory requirement but it will make the top bun easier to do. The heart of this set is seen with the actual top knot that is going to sit on your head.

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Some women will find that their hair is not long enough to pull off this look, so if you need to learn how to make your hair grow faster then read our article on that.

You want to make sure it has a tiered look as that’s going to give it the added effect you’re after. Take your time with the top knot!

8) Slanted Side Part

Slanted Side Part

This is for women that want to add a bit of excitement to their hairstyle while still remaining professional during the summer.

This look is going to begin with a shoulder-length haircut that’s going to be layered. You will want to add a bit of wave for texture as that can help complete the look you’re after. Once the haircut is done, you will work on the side part as that’s where the desired look will reveal itself.

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The slanted side part is going to go across one side of the head instead of straight down in a vertical line. This is done on purpose and creates a unique effect.

Some women might have difficult hair and can use gel to hold the part in place. Remember, the side part is an important part of this hairstyle and should remain in place throughout the day even if you sweat!

9) Romantic Bun

Romantic Bun

This is a common updo seen at weddings but it can be dressed down for a regular summer hairstyle. Its beauty comes to the forefront when you are going out on a date or looking to impress at a corporate event.

It’s casual, fun, but has a sense of self-confidence to it that is hard to deny. The romantic bun is aimed at letting your wavy strands sit along the side while putting the rest of it in a low bun. You can use a barrette to complete the look.

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Make sure to let the strands sit on the side of your face or it will look overdone and that’s not what you want in the summer!

10) Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun

The bun is one of the most advantageous and adored hairstyles and it gets a lot of love here. The ballerina bun is simple and to the point. You are going to cut the hair to a shoulder-length and make sure it is neatly pulled back into a bun.

When you are putting it in a bun, you want to make sure it is brushed into place properly so no loose strands are left hanging out. This can ruin the look.

The warmer months are a pleasure for everyone and can also become a catalyst for change. Hairstyles that might have worked in the winter aren’t going to do as well in the summer. With this in mind, you want to take one of these hairstyles and make them your own.

Whether on short outing or on a weekend trip, you can bring along a travel sized hair dryer if the hotel where you are staying will not supply one.

Never be afraid to add a bit of personality to these hairstyles and get them to look the way you want. This is the magic of a good hairdo because personalization is where your look starts to shine.

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