10 Entrecard Tips For Success

What is Entrecard?

Entrecard is a fantastic resource for those starting to blog and those who have been blogging for a long time. “Entrecard is an advertising exchange network for bloggers which promises to boost blog traffic by using a simple widget published to your blog.”

Adding the Entrecard widget to your blog allows you to publicize your blog on other members’ sites using a credit system. This great system allows you to build credits and spend them on other users’ blogs. Each Entrecard is valid for 24 hours, allowing you to advertise in several places, constantly removing the possibility of low hits. Each time you or another user hits your site, you gain Entrecard credits, which you can then use the buy credits in the shop or advertise on the more popular sites.

10 Tips for Success in EntreCard

#1. Drop cards, As many as you can. It is a simple equation:

More cards you drop = Greater Exposure. The more cards you drop on other people’s blogs, the more people will see your website and visit yours. I click on around 30 cards daily, if not more; this gives me many websites hits in return.

#2. Advertise often.

By dropping lots of Entrecards, you will gain many credits to advertise. The more sites you advertise with, the more people will visit your website. I pick a website with a common theme to mine; this ensures that the users are likely to read my blog and comment on posts; an important point here is ensuring that the blogs are active and popular. If this is not the case, you are wasting your time advertising.

#3. Widget Positioning is everything on Entrecard.

People who need help finding your card will not click on it. I experiment by putting the card in several locations. Putting the card at the bottom of the blog increases revenue as users have to scroll through all your blog content. Though some suggest, you place the card at the top of the page. Please leave me a comment telling me what works best for you.

#4. Attractive ads = Attractive hits.

In the community of Entrecard, there is always a card that you notice. Why is this? It is more than likely because they have a unique or different Entrecard. If you can make your card unique, you will stand out from the crowd, and people will notice you. I am currently experimenting with my Entrecard image and hope to give you the results in the coming weeks (it gives you something to look forward to).

#5. Entrecard card users love reading about Entrecard.

When blogging about Entrecard, you are not only giving your Entrecard profile exposure but also stopping other Entrecard users from reading your blog. The most important aspect of blogging is getting people to read your blog, so write about Entrecard, and your blog will grow.

#6. Participate in the Forum.

Introducing yourself to others lets them know about you and your blog. It is also a great resource to get your first advertisements. A few posts each week build a great network and encourages participation. Everyone loves to hear their thoughts; you are running a blog!

#7. Watching Statistics.

Find out who is dropping cards on you and return the favor; this builds friendship and encourages others to visit your site regularly. You can track how well specific ads perform and make alterations based on this by watching statistics.

If someone advertises on your blog or lets you advertise on their blog, thank them! Not only does this make friends, but it also lets others know you are an active and willing participant within the Entrecard community.

#9. Participate in Entrecard contests.

Not only can the contests be fun it is also an excellent exposure method. It would help if you aimed to give your blog maximum exposure with little work. Contests allow for a good amount of exposure while dropping cards. You can also win several credits and other prizes.

#10. Draw people in.

If you can draw people in, people will respond. While using Entrecard, why not comment on people’s websites? Make sure you say you are a member of Entrecard and leave your website address. People are always willing to return the favor and see what your site has that theirs doesn’t. By commenting, not only are you spreading the word about Entrecard, but you are increasing the exposure of your blog.

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