Green Caravan Guidelines for Absolute Beginners

Caravans can have a wide variety of impact on the environment. Many buyers are having the aim or pursuit to be green aware while procuring their caravans. It is a small but high impactful way to reduce carbon footprint in the world. The following guidelines will help absolute beginners and novices to make their own contribution to the environment and the society. As per statistics, more than an average motorist on the road, green caravanners has far better credentials in relation to green impact. Awareness is the first step in this process. Even a small insulation weakness can generate tonnes of harmful gases in the air.

Trends of Green Caravanners: –

  • Green caravanners use light bulbs, which are energy efficient
  • They use shopping bags, which they own and recycle and reuse
  • Two times more efficient in increasing carbon footprint in the environment than flights
  • People using caravans for vacations or holidays are over 75% more friendly in their gestures towards the environment
  • Carrying out basic maintenance needed to the vehicles help keeps carbon generation far
  • On a daily basis, caravan owner thinks about their impact on the environment over 7 % than normal motorists

Ensure Green Caravan Experience by Adopting Following Things: –

Weight – The weight of the caravans and the aerodynamics feature when it is being towed will cause an impact to its carbon footprint. If a caravan is light in weight and has more aerodynamics in its model, then it can easily be towed by a small car, which is eco-friendly. Caravan manufacturers offer a variety of caravans of varied shapes, models, and weights.

Model – While choosing a caravan manufacturer, one must search for one who has the trend of displaying greener caravans. Such manufacturers can either be socially responsible in the way they perform business or might be interested in creating greener caravans to have a positive effect on the environment. Manufacturers who are eco-aware must always be chosen over others.

Insulation – If more CO2 is produced by the caravan on account of poor insulations, then it needs to regulate its own temperature. Caravan manufacturers are extremely careful about ensuring efficient insulation is made in the latest new models. One can additionally increase insulation in a number of ways. For instances, one can use a material called polystyrene in the cupboard wall linings, inside wardrobes, or under seating areas. The shell of the caravan needs to be less corrosive if one aims at using it for longer durations.

Power – Green caravans have a complete solar panel set up well equipped and installed inside them. This ensures less energy use and more use of alternative energy source like the solar. Some solar panels come with battery charged inverters. They store the energy it collects to be used later.

Towing in a Green Way:– There are many ways how one can tow the caravan in a green way:

  • Caravan manufacturers ensure regular service and maintenance is being made. Hence, the car using to tow the caravan will use fuel efficiently.
  • Profiled styled roof box helps to ensure aerodynamics nature of the caravan.
  • One must take regular advice from the manufacturer of the caravan, as well as their car to ensure both the car and caravan both are in sync with each other.
  • Less water ensures weight is less. Less weight means the fuel to be used will also be less.
  • Pull off must be made gradually and gradual speed enhancement is ensured for ensuring the entire thing is energy efficient.

Purchasing a caravan is a once in a lifetime experience for many people. At the same time, a concern hits them about the impact it will create to the environment. The above tips will help one ensure that their caravan is minimally affecting the environment.

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